Bring on 2019 and The Jar Project

2018 has been an absolute shit show, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean if you are a believer in Chaos Theory like me, our universe is supposed be erratic, unpredictable, exciting; that is just how it is supposed to work, and any suppression of this is unnatural.

Yet even though I tried to be as open to the ebbs and flows of the universe as much as possible, life got me down a lot this year. My anxiety that was ever-present in high school came back in full force, which made me less willing to battle my fears, fall into monotonous (but comforting) routine, and overall become a more self-absorbed person. I found myself battling it out with the covers of my warm bed everyday to gather the courage to get up and go to work, felt uninspired, and disconnected with family, friends, and people in general.

This needs to change.

As a result, I decided to launch a little project in 2019 for myself and anyone out there in the world who feels the same. In comes The Jar Project.

What is The Jar Project

It is a simple concept and spawned out of what I felt like was lacking in my life this year to make me live the healthiest and happiest possible existence.

1) I created a jar, both online ( and physical and filled it with tasks that involve:

A) Conquering fears (ex. go to a networking event tonight, play guitar in public today)
B) Encouraging spontaneity (ex. take a walk in a different direction today, buy a flight now to somewhere you’ve never been)
C) Helping others (ex. give a stranger a rose, send 5 friends a message expressing your gratitude)

diagram for tasks

2)Every day starting January 1st, I will pick out a task and do it, even if it is the scariest thing ever. (It is okay to put the task back in the jar, as picking it out at a later date will encourage practice)

3)I will document it. Through my travel videos and daily instagram posts/stories at @the.jar.project, I will observe how it went, where I failed, and how I am feeling after.

I will do this for the entire year, but will certainly aim to keep up the habit in the following years.

Where you come in

I invite everyone to do this with me! So whether you create your own jar or use the online communal jar, make sure you pick a task everyday, do it, and document it (can be private - i.e. a journal). If you document it publicly, integrate the hashtag #thejarproject

I am sure a lot of us have the same ideas of what makes us fearful, how to be spontaneous, or how to help others, so please help me build up the online communal jar, BY ADDING COMMENTS TO THE FACEBOOK POST, THE WEBSITE, YOUTUBE VIDEO, or THIS ARTICLE.

Let’s keep one another accountable this year to help us reach heights we never thought were possible!


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