Why You Should Get Drunk and Book Travel Tickets

That time I drunkenly booked a ticket to Prague…and loved it.

Circa 2011. I was a fresh traveler, but was undeniably curious. One cold, autumn evening and a few beers (and probably a few shots from a plastic bottle of Traveler’s Club Vodka) deep, I retreated to my miniscule dorm room bed and fell far into the depths of the internet. Page after page, I cannot exactly remember what set it off, but there I was suddenly on Cirque du Soleil’s homepage. Five minutes later and with little deliberation, I clicked “Book”.

The next morning I woke up with a bashing hangover and when I opened up my email, I had the added surprise that I had spent well over 200 USD on Cirque du Soleil tickets…in London. Sober me had some regret, but after realizing the ticket was non-refundable, I said “fuck it”, went onto whatever the third-party flight search engine was at the time, and booked a flight to London.

Needless to say, the trip was unforgettable, even if Cirque du Soleil fell very short of my expectations.

27 year old me did the same thing again a few weeks ago with Bruno and our friend Jeff. After royally fucking up a trip to Turkey, a Friday night out had me on Flixbus’s app searching for bus tickets to Prague. Without much hesitation, I booked three tickets and less than 12 hours later we were in Prague.

Why you should get drunk and book travel

We are indecisive mother fuckers most days with too many commitments. We can’t even figure out what to put on in the morning before going through many stress-inducing options. With travel inquiries, this isn’t any different. I all to often find myself on travel sites getting wanderlust and searching for flights before I make up some lame excuse about why I shouldn’t book it:

“Oh, my boss hasn’t approved those dates yet.”

“What if the price gets cheaper?”

“Do I really want to go to this place?”

And I usually don’t.

However, when alcohol is involved, rash decision making also happens, for better or for worse. So all of those hesitations from earlier are converted into “FUCK IT, JUST BOOK IT!” and before you know it, you are whipping out your Visa or Mastercard and fumbling putting in the numbers (thankfully expedited with Google pay these days in Chrome).

The result?

Yeah, you are going to be hungover, but my friend, you just bagged yourself an adventure that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

So, if you are the indecisive, tightly-wound, apprehensive type, my advice to you is pop a few shots of tequila, get your ass on Skyscanner. You never know where you may end up (I may use this tactic to finally book the trip to Turkmenistan I have been meaning to do).


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