How to Deal With Pent-Up Arousal From Someone Feeling Up Your Leg When Crossing By Mini-Van Over the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan Border

My time in Almaty, Kazakhstan had reached its end, so on a sunny morning, I naturally purchased some Kazakh and Russian vodka for cheaper than I had paid for any meal during my Kazakh adventure, and hitch-hiked my way to the bus station. Slightly versed »

The Good and the Bad Shit About China

China had me for a total of 4 years on and off. When I thought I would leave for good the first time, I ended up back there six months later. When I thought I would leave for good the second time, I got a tattoo…on my fragile ribs…of Chinese mailboxes »

5 Ways for Staying Fit During Travel

There is nothing better than being on holiday and over-indulging in the delicacies of a country’s cuisine, but when reality hits and on top of going back to work, you have fallen far off your fitness habits, getting back into it is that much harder. »